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List of balance property for sale

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List of property of taxpayers for sale

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The Fund sells property objects recovered on non-performing loans, including land, commercial real estate, movable property.

We invite potential buyers to purchase property at auctions held on the electronic trading platform

List of Fund’s balance property for sale via electronic auctions at the state property register website


Mission of Problem Loans Fund JSC

Contributing to the recovery of the national economy through (1) improving the quality of loan portfolios of second-tier banks through the purchase of non-performing assets, (2) involving non-performing assets in the economic turnover through their rehabilitation and sale.

Our achievements

As a result of the Fund's activities at improving the banking sector and involvement of assets into economic turnover through project restructuring, debt collection and the sale of property the following has been achieved

261 000

workplaces have been saved and created

billion tenge

of the debt burden of Kazakhstan's citizens has been reduced

billion tenge

of assets have been involved into economic turnover


have been rehabilitated


tax revenues were
provided to the budget

Our Contacts

Chancery \ Reception

+7(727) 356-09-71,
+7(727) 356-09-72

For the sale of property, please call:

+7(727) 355-01-11

050010, 160 Dostyk ave.,
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

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