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The strategic directions of the Fund's activities for 2017-2027 provide for the following priority areas:

  1. The banking sector recovery;
  2. Involvement of the assets acquired into the economic turnover.

Within the framework of the first direction, the Fund uses the mechanisms of direct acquisition of non-performing assets, direct acquisitione with simultaneous sale, conditional financing of banks, issuance of guarantees in favor of banks secured by the Ministry of Finance, and other areas of cooperation.

Within the framework of the second direction, the Fund carries out asset management activities through (1) debt restructuring, (2) debt collection and (3) the Fund and its subsidiaries' asset sale. The Fund performs debt restructuring (through reduction of the interest rate, change in repayment schedules, prolongation of repayment periods, writing off the debt part, etc) in order to ensure effective repayment of debt and recover the debtors' (borrowers) business on terms that take into account the ability of debtors to fulfill their obligations. These measures also contribute to the preservation and creation of jobs, as well as ensure tax payments by borrowers to the state budget.

When there is no expediency of debt restructuring, the Fund applies measures to collect debts in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan - these are claim actions, enforcement proceedings, initiation of bankruptcy and rehabilitation procedures, as well as other legal measures to collect the debt.

The main way to sell the Fund's property is to conduct open electronic auctions.

The activities of the Fund are implemented in accordance with the mission of the Fund and are focused on assisting in the improvement of the national economy.