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17 June 2021

The “FINANCIER'S CUP” football tournament that took place on June 12, 2021, was held in Almaty, it brought together representatives of financial organizations of the metropolis. The organizer of the event was  "Fund for Problem Loans" JSC. 11 teams from the following financial organizations competed for medals:

- Department of the State Revenue Committee of Almaty;
- First Credit Bureau LLP;
- Eurasian Bank JSC;
- Otbasy Bank JSC;
- Altyn Bank JSC;
- Halyk Bank of Kazakhstan JSC;
- Jusan Bank JSC;
- Alfa Bank JSC;
- Sberbank JSC;
- Nur Bank JSC;
- Central Securities Depository JSC.

The main award of the tournament was won by the team representing Otbasy Bank JSC. The silver and bronze medals were shared by the teams from Problem Loans Fund JSC and Jusan Bank JSC.

The winners of the tournament and the distinguished players were congratulated and awarded by the Deputy Chairman of the Board of Fund of Problem Loans JSC Aidar Uvaliyev.

Recall that the Problem Loans Fund was established in 2012 to assist in the recovery of the national economy by improving the quality of the loan portfolios of second-tier banks by repurchasing non-performing assets, as well as involving the repurchased assets in the economic turnover through recovery and implementation.