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Placement of preferred shares of the Fund

13 May 2019

Hereby, Fund for Problem Loans (Joint Stock Company hereinafter referred to as the Fund) (Almaty, 050000, Ayteke Bi Str., 67), in accordance with Article 22 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan “On the Securities Market”, notifies of the possibility of acquiring preferred shares of the Fund (NIN KZ1P58780118), the issue of which was registered by the National Bank of Kazakhstan on September 18, 2014 under No. A5878 under the following conditions:

1) the number and type of shares being placed: 1 (one) preferred share.

2) the price of the placed share is 1 000 tenge per share. Payment upon purchase of shares is made in tenge, in non-cash form;

3) method of placing preferred shares is through a subscription;

4) applications are filed by investors at the location of the Fund's executive body, at the address: Almaty, Almaly District, Aiteke Bi St., 67. Persons interacting with investors on the acquisition of securities placed (sold) by them are: Shakhanova Zhanna Marathanovna, Demeuova Aygerim Kairkeldinovna, tel.278-80-82 (ext. 1082), 272-54-06, email address:;

5) the application for the purchase of shares must contain:

the name, location, seal and signature of the official or representative of the legal entity;

the number of shares that the investor intends to acquire;

the obligation to enter into an agreement on the sale of shares and the payment of shares within the period specified by the Fund;

other conditions at the discretion of the investor;

6) the deadline for filing an application: within thirty (30) calendar days from the date of publication of this notice of the placement of the preferred share. The placement of a preferred share is carried out without the realization by shareholders of the right of preferential purchase of a preferred share due to the fact that previously the Fund did not place this type of shares;

7) payment for the preferred share being placed is made on the date specified in the purchase and sale agreement;

8) the ratio of the number of shares placed (minus shares repurchased by the company) to the number of shares being placed (ratio): at the time of the decision by the Board of Directors to place the preferred share, the Fund did not place this type of shares;

9) the priority are applications submitted by shareholders of the Fund owning ordinary shares of the Fund, in the absence of such applications submitted by government agencies and government agencies. When submitting an application by several investors that meet the requirements of the Fund, an application submitted earlier is a priority.