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Комитеты совета директоров и их функции

In order to conduct a detailed analysis and develop recommendations on a range of the most important issues prior to their consideration at a meeting of the Board of Directors, the Fund has established the following committees under the Board of Directors.

Committee of the Board of Directors of the Fund for Consideration of Internal Audit Issues

Established with the aim of organizing an effective system of control over financial and economic activities and compliance of the Fund with legislation and internal regulations of the Fund in order to increase the effectiveness of the Fund in the long term.

Основными задачами являются разработка и предоставление рекомендаций Совету директоров для принятия решений по формированию и реализации политики Фонда по вопросам контроля в области финансово-хозяйственной деятельности Фонда, вопросам управления рисками, внутреннего и внешнего аудита Фонда.

Current composition of the Committee

Председатель Комитета
Kenessarin Sagir Yessengulovich

Члены Комитета
Yelshibayev Yerzhan Imankululy
Turganaliyev Yeltinzhal Rakhmatullaevich.

Committee of the Board of Directors of the Fund for consideration of issues of strategic planning, personnel and remuneration, social issues.

It was created with the aim of organizing a system of social guarantees and benefits in the Fund, attracting highly qualified employees with the necessary work experience, providing the attracted employees with competitive conditions in the labor market for their subsequent implementation of the Fund's strategic goals, organizing an effective system for strategic planning of the Fund's activities and monitoring the implementation of the strategy, strategic plan in order to improve the effectiveness of the Fund in the long term.

Current composition of the Committee

Председатель Комитета
Turganaliev Yeltinzhal Rakhmatullaevich

Члены Комитета
Turehodzhayeva Inkar Abibullayevna
Ауезбаева Тальмира Есимхановна.

The main tasks of the Committee are to develop and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors for making decisions on the formation and implementation of the Fund's policy on defining the strategic goals (development strategy) of the Fund, implementing social programs, providing benefits and guarantees, developing corporate social programs, implementing measures for occupational safety, the formation of a personnel policy and a policy of motivating employees of the Fund, terms of remuneration of labor and bonuses to employees.