Fund of Problem Loans JSC in accordance with paragraph 3 of Article 24 of the Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Joint Stock Companies" informs shareholders of the company on the payment of dividends on preferred shares:

1. Name of the company is Fund of Problem Loans JSC; location is Republic of Kazakhstan, 050008, Almaty, ul. Aiteke bi, 67; bank and other details of the company: BIN 120140005984, IIC KZ74125KZT1001306658 in the RSU "National Bank of the Republic of Kazakhstan", BIC NBRKKZKX; residence sign is 1; sector of the economy is 5;

2. The period for which dividends are paid is 2014 calendar year;

3. The date of commencement of dividend payment is June 15, 2015; the date of compiling the list of shareholders entitled to receive dividends on preferred shares of the Bank is June 15, 2014;

4. the procedure and form of payment of dividends is cashlessly in cash, by crediting money to the bank accounts of shareholders - holders of preferred shares of the Bank.